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February 2003
No More Messiahs? Latin America and the FTAA
• In cooperation with Delta Air Lines. Cohosted by Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Center for International Studies
Download the white paper [PDF 2.4mb]

Spring 2002
The Wealth of Nations Triangle Index: Statistical GPS for Emerging Economies
• Authors: Crocker Snow, Jr. and Nicholas P. Sullivan

Summer 1998
Dialing for Dollars the Grameen Way
• Author: Omar Younes

Summer 1997
The Information Imperative Embraces Liberté, Egalité and Access
• Author: Harlan Cleveland

Fall, 1996/1997
A New Textbook for Emerging Economies: Learning to Exercise "Good Enough" Practices
• Author: Tim Carrington

Summer 1996
Developement is Betting on 'Filet Mignon' Managers
• Author: Hugh Peyman

Summer 1995
Money Matters: Financing Social Development in the 21st Century
• Author: Andrew Hilton

Spring 1994
Global Matriculation: Remodeling the Ivory Towers
• Author: Timothy Light

Summer 1993
Building a Better House of Cards
• Author: Larry Lopez

Fall 1993
Global Matriculation: Where School Ends... Business Begins
Author: Jean-Pierre Lehmann

Spring 1993
Corporate Diplomacy: The Rising role of Multinationals
• Author: Andrew Clark

Spring 1992
NAFTA: Now or Never?
• Author: Anthony Westell

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