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Global Index Series

Global indexes research facts, develop new thinking and create prospective reports to identify and clarify the dynamics of global trends. World Times’s research findings are published in The WorldPaper and its Associate Publications around the world and made available to the public through the Internet.

Information Society Index
• In partnership with International Data Corporation. Fifty-five countries navigating the Information Superhighway account for 98 percent of all informationa technology in 150 countries. Visit to learn more.

FDI Confidence Index
• In partnership with AT Kearney. An annual survey of CEOs, CFOs and other top executives of Global 1000 companies revealing the level of corporate investors' confidence in investment destinations worldwide.

Wealth of Nations Triangle Index
• In partnership with the Money Matters Institute. Seventy emerging economies measured by a complex combination of three sets of economic, social and information-infrastructure indicators to determine how balanced each country is in its development and thus its overall attractiveness to outside investors. Visit to learn more.

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