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How does the everyday make the global? How does each of us create the whole? Global issues aren't just big things in the world, but what’s happening in our own lives right now. Global Connections explores the infinite number of possible pathways along which we create and remake the global each day.

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January 2005
Modern scholars face perilous choices in shadow of terror war
• What do I, a Malaysian academic working abroad, say and do when I encounter in Berlin a foreign student studying in an Asian madrasah who says to me: “Why does the world hate us madrasah students, and why does everyone think we are all terrorists?” More

September 2004
The Favela Goes to the World Social Forum
• A new documentary from Brazil shows just how hard it is from the poor in Brazil to attend a forum that purports to represents their interests. More

August 2004
White-collar outsourcing and a tale of two uncles
• During a stay at a Best Western in France last winter, just a few miles across the border from Geneva, a colleague and I got in an especially non-neutral dinnertime debate about outsourcing and offshoring of white-collar work. Our faceoff on this sensitive issue was especially immiserating for me, an American, because I knew my Indian colleague was mostly correct. And yet the “all’s well” economic theories that support outsourcing of American white-collar jobs were simply rattling. More

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